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Robotic Palletizer

A portable, collaborative palletizing system that features graphic software for simple pallet building.

Collaborative Palletizer

A robotic palletizer is a robotic cell that is designed to stack boxes and other standardized products onto a pallet for final shipment. By using robots for palletizing, existing employees are able to work value added tasks - let the robot do the work!

Introducing the PalletizUR

The PalletizUR combines a robotic palletizing cell with a collaborative robot. This mobile system requires no written code to program and is ready to work in minutes!

Palletizing with a Collaborative Robot

Being collaborative means it works along-side workers, cage-free! This allows a palletizing robot system to be added to an existing line without additional guarding or fencing making set-up simple and non-invasive.

collaborative palletizer arm
collaborative robot software
collaborative robot palletizer
collaborative robot palletizer

Flexible Palletizing System

The PalletizUR is a flexible palletizing system that provides end-users the features needed to quickly setup a robot for packing and palletizing boxes or other standardized products for final shipment.


Durable and Portable

Easily move with a fork lift or pallet jack.

Minimal Integration

A plug & play system that is ready to work in minutes.


Easily swap end-effectors as products change.

PalletizUR Software

Drag & drop pallet configuration.

Continuous Operation

2-pallet reach for continuous production.

Auto-Height Adjustment

Auto adjustment to pallet height specs.

Eliminate Manual Operations

By eliminating the manual processes of stacking boxes, workers are removed from a job where ergonomic injuries are likely to occur. This frees a valuable skilled laborer to work on a more value added task.

Palletizer Set-up

Minimal integration means minimal set-up. The PalletizUR at its core only requires three simple connections to begin production.

Palletizer System Set-up

After being positioned the PalletizUR requires only three simple connections to be ready for production.


The compact design makes it capable of being positioned anywhere within the reach of the out-feed conveyor.


The PalletizUR requires a single standard outlet and an airline - no specialty connections!


After the box detection sensor is mounted to the conveyor the system is ready for production.

Robotic Palletizing Software

Our palletizing software features an intuitive graphic interface that works directly with robot. End-users build pallets by entering dimensions and dragging boxes into the position they are to be placed.

PalletizUR Software Features

  • Easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Drag and drop pallet array building
  • Copy and rotate options for layer stacking
  • Quickly switch between A/B pallets
  • Save hundreds of pallet programs
  • Program remotely - load in through USB

Step-by-Step Pallet Building

The PalletizUR combines the teaching functionality of the Universal Robot with our custom built software on a touchscreen interface installed at the base. This provides end-users the ability to build pallets to spec, without manipulating the robot directly.

palletizing software screenshot 1

1. New Pallet

palletizing software screenshot 2

2. Box Dimensions

palletizing software screenshot 3

3. Build First Layer

palletizing software screenshot 4

4. Finish First Layer

palletizing software screenshot 5

5. Stack Next Layers

palletizing software screenshot 6

6. Finish to Height

Collaborative Palletizer Specifications

The PalletizUR details below are based on a standard shipped unit. Additional safety devices and guarding can be added if your application requires. Contact our Sales Engineers to discuss additional safety requirements.

Machine Details

  • Maximum reach: 52”
  • HMI specs: 12.1” Touch Screen
  • Repeatability: ¼”
  • Mobility: Fork pockets for pallet jack or forklift
  • Safety: Optional guarding, safety scanners, etc.
  • Steel enclosure (HMI): not rated
  • Digital inputs available for interfacing: 5
  • Digital outputs available for interfacing: 1
  • Pallet sensors: Photoeyes for pallet presence
  • Power: Single phase, 115 VAC, 15 amps
pallet dimensions

Pallet Dimensions

  • Maximum pallet height: 62”
  • Maximum pallet width: 48”
  • Maximum pallet depth: 40”


  • Minimum box size: 8” x 8” x 3”
  • Maximum weight: 16.5 lbs (+/- tooling weight)
  • Maximum box size: limited by weight

Cycle Time

  • Collaborative - 5 boxes per minute*

* Higher rates can be met with additional safety devices.

Pallet Dimensions

  • Height from floor: 24” - 36"
  • Placement from base: 12" - 18"

Standard Safety

The PalletizUR runs collaboratively out of the crate with no additional safety required.

safety diagram

Additional Safety

Area Scanner*

Slows robot if someone is in work area

Hard Guarding*

Complete guarding for work-cell

*All available for additional cost


Looking to see the PalletizUR in a production line you are currently designing? A .STP and .DXF file are provided below.

PalletizUR Model
PalletizUR Drawing PalletizUR Drawing

.STP File Download

.DXF File Download

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Pack Expo 2018

October 2018 - PalletizUR was honored to be invited as a feature product in Universal Robots booth at Pack Expo International. Our team worked side-by-side with UR to show the complete capabilities of the UR robots in the packaging industry.

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