Palletizing Software

Our palletizing software features an intuitive graphic interface that works directly with the robot. End-users build pallets by entering dimensions and dragging boxes into the position they are to be placed.

Software Features

  • Easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Drag and drop pallet array building
  • Copy and rotate options for layer stacking
  • Quickly switch between A/B pallets
  • Save hundreds of pallet programs
  • Program remotely - load in through USB
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Palletizing HMI

Palletizing with Universal Robots

Using the OEM version of the Universal Robots 10e cobot arm, our team of engineers have eliminated the teach pendant, creating a simplified interface for end-users to create and save new pallet configurations on one HMI.

Free-drive Enabled

Simply enable free-drive from the HMI and teach coordinates by manipulating the cobot directly - no programming needed!

Step-by-Step Pallet Building

With our drag-and-drop functionality, end-users can have their palletizing applications automated in minutes. Combined with the ability to save hundreds of configurations, the PalletizUR provides a flexible robotic solution that can be repurposed in minutes as production demands change.

software screenshot 1

1. Start New Pallet

software screenshot 2

2. Enter Dimensions

software screenshot 4

3. Build Left Pallet

software screenshot 5

4. Build Right Pallet

software screenshot 6

5. Finalize Pallet Layers

software screenshot 7

6. Teach Pick / Place Locations

Program Customization

Our software is loaded with features designed to make sure each program meets the specifics of your application.

  • Palletize two lines at once (box A to pallet A, box B to pallet B)
  • Easily make labels visible for inventory scanning
  • Add slip sheets based on production demands
  • Built-in end-effector configurations

Customizable by User

Our software provides the ability to grant varying levels of access with password protected security features.

Realtime Service & Support

Designed in the USA, built in the USA, Supported in the USA. Simply connect the PalletizUR to the internet and our team can provide real time troubleshooting and support services.