Collaborative Palletizing Robot

Designed for Universal Robots line of collaborative robots, the PalletizUR is a turn-key palletizing system that requires no caging or guarding to operate.

Turnkey Robotic Palletizer

Designed for non-technical operators, the PalletizUR is controlled through a single touchscreen interface and is easly added to existing packaging lines.

  • Minimal footprint - fully collaborative, the PalletizUR requires no hard guarding to operate
  • Quick deployment - the PalletizUR requires only a standard outlet and shop air line to operate.
  • Flexible automation - unlike traditional machinery, the PalletizUR can be adjusted for new boxes dimensions in minutes, no programming required!

A palletizer designed for Universal Robots

Using the Universal Robots 10e OEM collaborative robot, the PalletizUR is operated through a single touchscreen interface and requires only a standard air line and outlet to operate.


Durable and Portable

Easily move with a forklift or pallet jack.


Minimal Integration

A plug & play system that is ready to work in minutes.


Custom End Effectors

Easily swap end-effectors as products change.


PalletizUR Software

Drag & drop pallet configuration.


Continuous Operation

2-pallet reach for continuous production.


Auto-Height Adjustment

Auto adjustment to pallet height specs.

Fully Collaborative design

Using collaborative robots from industry leading vendors and safety rated components, all ONExia Robotics palletizers conform to the safety ratings necessary to run unguarded within end-of-line packaging operations. Learn more about our third-party safety verification:

palletizing robot

The PalletizUR is a product of ONExia Inc. and is designed, built, and tested at our facility in Exton, PA.

New features in the PalletizUR 2.0 release

Using the OEM version of the UR10e cobot, the teach pendant has been eliminated making the PalletizUR even easier to use.

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Safety Scanner Integration

Plug and play connectivity with the ability to customize ranges based on your floorplan.

3D Printed End Effectors

Lightweight design that offers the ability to pick multiple cases at once for increased cycle time.

Dual Mode Enabled

Palletize 2 lines using a single robot with our dual nesting conveyor designs.

UR20 collaborative robot

Universal Robots UR20 – 20 kg payload cobot

Increased capacity for automating the more ergonically challeging end-of-line positions with collaborative robots.

Learn more about the PalletizUR with the integrate UR20.