UR20 Cobot Palletizer

Increased capacity for automating the more ergonically challeging end-of-line positions with collaborative robots.

Palletizing with the UR20

The PalletizUR Is Not a Kit. Designed by cobot integration experts, the PalletizUR is a turn-key collaborative palletizing system.

  • High payload - handle case weights up to 42 lbs.
  • Minimal footprint - no caging or guarding needed
  • Quick deployment - requires a 110v outlet and an air line
  • Portable - built-in fork pockets within the welded base
  • Multi-pallet reach - stack pallets on either side of the cobot
Universal Robots UR20 palletizer

Collaborative Rated

  • Third party verified to meet the industry standards for collaborative system safety
  • Plug-and-play area scanners with customizable safety zones

Custom Grippers

  • Light-weight, 3D printed design
  • Optional multi-pick functionality
  • Quick disconnect air lines and slide on tool changer

Line Integration

  • Custom infeed conveyors and case nesting systems
  • Multi-system configurations with diverters and reject stations

Cobot Palletizing Software

Never write a line of code. Build and save custom pallet configurations without writing a line of code using ONExia’s drag-and-drop cobot palletizing software.

  • Simple interface - designed for non-technical end users
  • Pallet library - build, edit, save, and recall hundreds of configurations
  • Administrative controls - varying levels of system access
  • Dual mode - tend two separate lines with one PalletizUR
palletizing robot

Customize Pallets

  • Create any layer configuration
  • Orient shipping labels
  • Add slip sheet between layers

Data Communication

  • Signal AGVs to remove pallets
  • Monitor system output in real time
  • Interact with inventory software

System Functionality

  • Operated through a touchscreen
  • Adjustable safety scanner zones
  • Built-in conveyor controls
palletizing robot

Custom Conveyor Solutions

The perfect pallet starts with a perfect pick. Designed to integrate with existing line configurations, ONExia's infeed conveyors orient incoming product to maximize the PalletizUR's output.

  • Conveyor controls - toggle nesting positions and zones from the palletizer software
  • Flexible design - hand adjustable guide rails for simplified line changeover
  • Product orientation - fully integrated solutions for positioning side or bottom packed cases for palletizing